Up for an Epic Challenge?

How would it feel to solve the humanity scale problems of our time?

Want to make Stellar Impact?

Moonwalk builds its own Impact Companies. Backed by its own fund. 

How much impact are you ready to make?

Superior returns?

Good fortunes await those who bring humanity scale transformations.

How much return do you want from impact investments?

Promises, promises...

Moonwalk developed $2bn in value for corporates before going independent. Fund I ($5m) developed 18 impact ventures in 3 years: One venture on 2-3 year IPO track with UBS Investment Bank London, 4 growth capital ready, 13 with Proof-of-Concept. 

Metrics show portfolio growth capital readiness of 40-50% of each portfolio within 2 years and exit readiness of 30-40% within 4 years at $10m cost for 10x+ returns. We have only got started. We can write the future together.

Moonwalk is Rocket Venture Science

1/2 time at 1/10 the cost at 40% success rate:  Attested and endorsed by Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

How efficient are your investments?

Only epic people do epic things…

University Tech Transfer Office pioneer. Silicon Valley exit professor. Global tech developer. Global talent searcher and developer. Industry design manager. Impact fund manager. Serial entre-preneur. Corporate venture builder. 

Moonwalk team directs venture develop- ment and investment to ship the right entrepreneurs in the right ventures for impact and returns.

Doesn’t it make perfect sense to have the best available for every venture?

On the same rocket…

We align with our investors around the mission and the outcomes. As equity holders we share timed exits and proceeds of each venture.

How would it feel to invest in a true equity partnership with open book economics with no management fees nor any carried interest?

18 ventures now develop a post-carbon industry, reinvent education, and democratise health.

Fuel the next stage...

We now secure development of existing and new portfolios with 3+ years roadmap to our first expected exits. So we and investors can make impact and enjoy superior returns. 

We target $35m-$50m with expected first close of $15m.

The right structure and amounts will be negotiated with the right cornerstone investors. 

Investor benefits

+ Solve humanity scale problems.   

+ Get equity in 18 ventures plus one new portfolio per year.

+ Enjoy a true partnership. No management fees. No carried interest. Aligned through shared equity.

+ Go evergreen. Perpetuity re-investment option by investor discretion.

+ No need for unicorns. 10x target returns. 

+ Liquidity. Multiple exits with immediate proceeds payout projected from year 2022/2023 onwards.

Easy set-up. Easy way forward. Max focus on creating value. In a trustworthy way.

If this was the first step – how would it feel to walk the future together?

Invest with us

Moonwalk now opens its next fund. With non-blind portfolio and more pipeline.

Want to invest for impact and returns? Ask for your invitation.

Moonwalk is a Scandinavian award-winning and university endorsed impact companies builder. It is driven by challenges. And backed by its own fund. Moonwalk now grows operations and deal flow from London. 

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